Breeding, showing and for the pure 

enjoyment of Seramas & Bantam Buckeyes

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Feathered Diamonds is proud to announce we are expanding our Bantam Buckeye project also to our sister farm, Norris Hollow.

Norris Hollow offers expansive facilities to house, hatch and grow out the beautiful Bantam Buckeyes. Partnered together, we hope that the Bantam Buckeyes will flourish and be readily available to flocks all across the country.

For more information on this exciting joint venture or to order hatching eggs or birds, please PM here, email [email protected] or message through

https://www.facebook.com/norrishollow/ ๐Ÿ’Ž

What We Offer Currently


Bantam Buckeyes

Six bird minimum 

Custom Hatching Available 

Contact for Price

Custom Hatchings

Bantam Buckeye hatching eggs. Contact for details.

Hatching Eggs

Diamond Seramas does not offer hatching Diamond Seramas hatching eggs. Live birds only, when available.

Who We Are

Breeding towards standard of perfection of show quality American, Traditional and Ayam Seramas. We are part of The Livestock Conservancy Program for Bantam Buckeyes as well. 

We are NPIP and AI Clean #58-2701-E. 

We call Central Florida our Home.

Alisa Kamon is a wife, mother of two, โ€‹and a chicken tender. A chicken whisperer of sorts. She assists in educating through local backyard chicken programs and serves on The Board of Advisors for The Serama Autism Project. 

Diamond Seramas/Feathered Diamonds is a member and proud 

supporter of these fine poultry associations:

Serama Council of North America

American Buckeye Poultry Club

American Poultry Association

American Bantam Association

American Serama Association

The Livestock Conservancy

Southeastern Serama Club

Cochins International

Faverolles of U.S.A.

Cajun Serama Council

Serama U S.A. Club


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